Lost Runners 24
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Lost Runners 24

Welcome to one of the newest ultra races in the area—the Lost Runners 24. This is an ultra on a 3 mile loop taking place at Camp Guilrock in Reidsville, North Carolina. Come on out and see how many loops you or a bunch of you can do in 24 hours. We are offering a 12-hour option that runs from 7PM to 7AM so that everyone can/should finish together!

The loop takes place at a church campground which means there is a place to set up a tent, a bunk house to crash, kitchen to cook, hot showers for…showering, and a well-lit pavilion being used as the aid station. What more could you want??

The loop runs around a couple of lakes and alongside the Haw River. There is some gravel road, but the loop is mostly trails. It’s THE perfect loop for a seasoned ultra runner or someone just getting their feet wet.

So come run solo for 12 or 24 hours or with a bunch of your friends for 24 hours; relay teams can have up to six people on them.

Hope to see you there!

This race will be raising money for the Kellin Foundation in honor of Mandy Ward, a fellow runner who tragically passed away in 2016. Please consider making an additional donation to their organization.



The Kellin Foundation is a nonprofit (501c3) organization that supports children, individuals, families, and communities to achieve safety and wellness.  They provide personalized and comprehensive community-based programming.  Their goals are to assist individuals and communities with safety, restore hope, facilitate healing, and achieve holistic wellness.  They believe that mental, physical, social, and spiritual well-being all contribute to the ability of individuals to reach their full potential, and thus, they use an integrated approach to their programming.


The 3 mile course starts at the covered pavilion where there will be plenty of places for you to set up (supplies, stretching, etc). Just outside the pavilion is an area for you to pitch a tent as you’ll continuously run by the pavilion throughout the race. At the bunkhouses you can grab a nap, a shower, do some cooking, or let your crew hang out.

From the pavilion you’ll take a short run through the woods to the road by the lake. The road will lead you to a pool and then past the bunkhouses. From there you’ll hit the trails which will take you by the Haw River, Old Grist Mill, and another lake. Follow the signs back to the road which will lead you to the pavilion and the start of your next lap.


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24 Hour Ultra:

Race Date: Sat 3/23/19 - Sun 3/24/19
Start time: 7 AM, Saturday, EST
End time: 7 AM, Sunday,

  Through 2/4 Through 3/4 Through 3/18
Individual $100 $120 $130
Team $80 $100 $120

*In addition to the registration fee there is an $8.50 processing fee when registering through runsignup.com.

Individual 12 Hour Option:

Race Date: Sat 3/23/19 - Sun 3/24/19
Start time: 7 PM, Saturday, EST
End time: 7 AM, Sunday

  Through 2/9 Through 3/9 Through Race Day
Individual $60 + $4.60 SignUp Fee $80 + $5.80 SignUp Fee $100 + $7.00 SignUp Fee


Lost Runners 24 Hour Ultra course route
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Camp Gilrock

531 Beville Road
Reidsville, North Carolina 27320 


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If you would like to sponsor this year’s event or a future event, please contact:

John Doggett
Race Director
Lost Runners, LLC
Phone: 336.462.1852
Email: info@lostrunners.com

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Name: John Doggett, Race Director
Email: info@lostrunners.com}
Phone: 336.462.1852

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