About Us

Lost Runners, LLC is a company that tries to bring a "family feel" to our races and we try to help each individual runner attempt their mileage goal. We focus on trail runs more so than road races. We also offer cooler registration swag – not just your regular T-shirt, such as hoodies, blankets and sleep pants. We are a small company (brother & sister) so we are easily accessible to each and every runner. We are involved with every aspect of the race from start to finish.

Doggett Family

History of our company

Lost Runners, LLC was formed six years ago when the Lakeside trail race in Greensboro, NC was going to be cancelled. After speaking with the race director, I (John) asked if I could take it over and he agreed. At that time my sister Beth and I decided to form the LLC, Lost Runners. Since that time we have added the Doggettville 12 race as well as the Lost Runners 24 race.

The name Lost Runners was derived from a time when I use to head up a trail running group on Wednesday nights. As the group grew larger, knowing how horrible I am at remembering names, I began to take a group photo before each run. By having a photo and a head count, if someone became lost I could have a visual image to give to the police...hence the name "Lost Runners".

How we got into racing

John Doggett
John Doggett

I entered my first 5K in 2009 along with my Dad and sister (Beth). Due to my competitiveness I continued to run all the races I could after that. If they entered a race, so did I. Eventually I moved on from marathons to ultra-running just because I enjoy trails and nature more than I do pavement and city streets.

Beth Doggett Kaplan
Beth Doggett Kaplan I ran track in high school and then ran off and on during college and after to stay in shape for horseback riding. I got back into running when my Dad, Clark Doggett, got back into running. I love running the greenways and running with my running group the Streakers. I love travelling to new races and discovering the area with my Dad and family.